Why IntraCare

Why IntraCare – IntraCare is here to influence the future of healthcare through innovation and connection, delivering the healthcare we want for ourselves and our families.  

Why IntraCare

IntraCare Elevates the quality of healthcare through innovation, education, and technology.

Core Values

At IntraCare, we want to achieve sustainable impact and effective change for our patients.  We invest research, time, and resources to understand the healthcare industry and create solutions to address present problems.  




We Believe In Healthcare

The need to be healthy is one of the few things we all have in common.  The system by which we administer and receive healthcare should reflect that unity.  IntraCare helps connect patients, doctors, and medical programs to provide people-focused healthcare.  Providers at IntraCare deliver quality care to patients.  

We Believe In Serving

Everyone deserves access to accessible and affordable healthcare regardless of race, religion, nationality, or financial status.  We want to advance the health industry by partnering with physicians to provide personalized, intentional care in communities that have been overlooked.

IntraCare Vision

Many patients, especially those in vulnerable populations, feel limited in their control and understanding of their healthcare. Intra- means “within” or “on the inside”.  IntraCare is an idea that lives in all of us who serve in wellness-driven healthcare. We believe that care should be of better quality and accessible to everyone. The patient should be at the center of their own care – empowered and educated at every step.
IntraCare employees work across three business segments: management services, clinical care, and testing. We all strive for one goal, to deliver world-class, whole-person care that makes patients healthier and providers happier. We will achieve this goal by mobilizing technology in ways that educate and inspire providers and patients. To truly put patients at the center, we aim to deliver a unified patient-centered health record and service platform by 2023.  We will open clinics and add critically needed services to reach communities that have historically been underserved. By partnering with our independent physician affiliate network in creative, highly aligned ways, IntraCare will increase the quality of service and accessibility in our partners’ communities.  Overall, we will manage an excellent system of care that is inclusive and integrated to help patients across the nation.
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