The IntraCare Network

The IntraCare Network is the new generation of health and wellness. Many providers can relate to healthcare as a battlefield.  Providers find themselves caught between competing priorities and needs.  Although providers enter the healthcare field passionate about their work, they are soon obstructed by the details of owning an independent practice.  The IntraCare Network simplifies the patient care process and empowers providers to do what they love.  By partnering with us in creative, highly aligned ways, IntraCare will increase the quality of service and accessibility in our partners’ communities.  As we build on ten years of excellence in value-based care and connect with a high-quality network of over 200 experienced providers, The IntraCare Network will manage an excellent system of care that is inclusive and integrated to help patients across the nation.   

The IntraCare Network Can Help Your Practice

Remain Independent

IntraCare has supported neighborhood providers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2013. Generating excellent results and allowed them to focus on providing the best care for their patients.

Over $124M In Shared Savings

In less than 10 years, IntraCare and our ACO's have helped generate more than $124M in shared savings. Helping patients where they need it the most.

Keep Your EMR

IntraCare wants you to focus on helping your patients. Instead of suggesting you adapt to our systems, we adapt to yours.

The IntraCare Network

The IntraCare Network Difference

Join The IntraCare Network Today

Joining The Intracare Network has never been easier. We are here to make a difference in every patient’s life, starting with local care providers. IntraCare seeks to increase patient health, healthcare equity, and provider contentment. We want to elevate healthcare quality through innovation, education, and technology. Partner with us today, and let’s revolutionize the future of healthcare.

Connect With IntraCare

Please connect with us if you are interested in learning more about how IntraCare can help your practice. One of our Provider Success Coordinators will reach out and find the best fit for your schedule.  We want patients to save money and reward physicians for being heroes and saving lives.  

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