IntraCare Careers

As IntraCare continues to build upon ten years of excellence in value-based care and connecting with a high-quality network of over 200 decorated and experienced providers, we are looking to grow our team with highly motivated professionals that will help us transform healthcare with passion, authenticity, and integrity.  

 As a member of the IntraCare team, you will manage an excellent system of care that is inclusive and integrated to help patients improve their quality of care across the nation. IntraCare is led by an exceptional leadership team, which drives focus on innovation, education, and the use of ever-changing technology. The company has delivered almost a decade of performance and service excellence for these brands in value-based care, clinical operations, and lab services. These emerging synergistic opportunities within these spaces have positioned the company for rapid growth and expansion.  

IntraCare is a company that prides itself on its collaborative culture and we are looking for team-oriented individuals that work well with others and are adaptive to a fast-paced, fun-filled environment. Here at IntraCare we provide patient focused healthcare by matching patients with doctors and medical programs that fits their needs. It’s our passion to give every patient the care they need while also saving money. We reward our physicians by spending more time giving direct care to each patient they serve. We believe in win/win scenarios for our patients and providers.  

IntraCare is driven by its dedication to our providers to improve their operational effectiveness so that they can focus on providing patients with the healthcare that they need and deserve. We’re excited about our current open opportunities and are searching for the next energetic team members to partner with us on delivering excellent service and performance to all of our current and future providers, alike. Apply to join the IntraCare team today! 

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