What is Value-Based Care?

What is Value-Based Care?

Value Based Care Value-based care payments encourage the provider to prioritize patient outcomes over short-term profits. By using a system of payment per health unit rather than payment per service, value-based care encourages providers to take time with their patients. The Never-Ending Cycle Generally, patients don’t enjoy the doctor’s office. Whether it’s because of negative …

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IntraCare Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership in Healthcare

Servant Leadership At IntraCare Leadership in Healthcare When you think about healthcare, the first things that come to mind might be needles, political tension, or large bills. Few people connect healthcare with leadership. That’s something IntraCare aims to change. Our Philosophy IntraCare believes in the philosophy of servant leadership. Servant leaders care about the leadership …

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IntraCare Accountable Care Organization

Accountable Care Organizations: Provider Freedom

The Pursuit of Provider Freedom Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) In an ever-changing healthcare system, independent providers are looking for stability. Research from the past five years shows that more and more independent physicians are joining ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations). Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) act as the mediator between independent providers and healthcare payors like private …

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IntraCare Cost Of Healthcare

IntraCare Interview – Head Coach Anwar Kazi and COO Michelle Storto

Hosts Robert Wilson and Kaizer Sayani interview the leadership of IntraCare, a company that wants to make an impact in the healthcare industry. Anwar Kazi, Intracare CEO, and Michelle Storto, IntraCare Chief Operating Officer, discuss where IntraCare has been, where it is going, and how they plan on taking it into the future of healthcare. …

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