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Employee Highlight: Danielle Morris

Danielle Morris is a Provider Success Consultant (PSC) at IntraCare. She and her family moved from Illinois to Texas and have been part of the IntraCare family for the past two years.
To Danielle, IntraCare means family! She loves how the IntraCare family is connected by the same goals, values, and aspirations of helping our communities, patients, and physicians to receive the care they deserve. At IntraCare, Danielle forms and maintains relationships with physicians and their staff to ensure better quality care outcomes for their patients. She also recruits and initiates independent physicians as partners. One of her biggest accomplishments at IntraCare was traveling to New Mexico and El Paso to meet with IntraCare’s practices. She successfully recreated and continues to maintain office relationships within those practices. Danielle believes that connecting with people for meaningful purposes, like her trip to New Mexico and El Paso, is one of the most rewarding things she can do.
IntraCare Employee Highlight

One moment that Danielle will never forget is taking a leap of faith and moving her family here to Texas from Illinois to join IntraCare. She firmly believes that at certain times in life, everyone has to decide to pursue change in order to achieve growth. By practicing this, Danielle has learned that whatever makes you uncomfortable is the biggest opportunity for growth. 

Danielle is motivated and inspired by her family. Her husband and two children inspire her every day as she works to make them proud of her in all that she does. Danielle strives to show her kids that they can work and do what they love at the same time. She wakes up each day grateful for how God has given her another day to focus on her purpose, goals, and destiny. A quote that Danielle lives by is “A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success“.


Employee Highlight: Danielle Morris
Thank you, Danielle!
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