Servant Leadership At IntraCare

Leadership in Healthcare

When you think about healthcare, the first things that come to mind might be needles, political tension, or large bills. Few people connect healthcare with leadership. That’s something IntraCare aims to change.

Our Philosophy

IntraCare believes in the philosophy of servant leadership. Servant leaders care about the leadership process and have an intentional commitment to improving the culture of their communities through individual growth. Servant leaders focus on development, listen to their team, and evaluate the effect results have on their community. 

Our servant leadership results in an intentional creation of company culture. As a company that externally prioritizes healthcare equity, our team internally chooses to prioritize equality and respect. Rather than defer all decisions and responsibilities to the executive team, every team member is expected to take responsibility and provide ideas to improve the company. CEO Anwar Kazi describes this as a “partnership” style of leading within servant leadership: “I hate titles!…it doesn’t matter where you sit in a hierarchy, what matters is how do you fit in the overall mission and vision of the company. What are you doing to support that? How and what are the values that you bring as a person?”



Mission Driven Culture

Our success depends on patient and provider satisfaction. As a value-based care organization, IntraCare profits when providers increase in quality and efficiency because the overall health of their patient base also grows (if you want to learn more about value-based care, click here). In the mission to improve the overall patient and provider experience, our COO Michelle Storto describes how IntraCare fosters a culture of joy: “When you have a service experience, even [for example] a fast food experience, where people smile and care, it changes everything, and we are doing that in healthcare. It is compelling because we open minds and hearts in healthcare and help change lives.”

In addition to valuing servant leadership, IntraCare is mission-driven. These leadership styles partner to create a value for the diversity of people and thought. Mr. Kazi remarks that the best leaders are “hungry for people who come from anywhere in the world to serve the mission and vision with them.” Mrs. Storto adds, “It’s being singularly focused on winning together and doing the right thing.” The mission-driven approach and focus on winning together have led IntraCare to become a diverse workplace that values individuals for their innovation and pursuit of the shared vision.



The Future of Leadership in Healthcare

A defined leadership philosophy is essential for any organization, especially healthcare companies. In a field that requires employees to dive into emotional and social challenges as they help people through some of the hardest times in their lives, knowing why and how you are leading is essential. As we move forward in the healthcare industry, we hope to change people’s perspectives on the value of leadership in healthcare. If you would like to learn more about what it means to be part of the IntraCare network, please click here.

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