The Pursuit of Provider Freedom

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

In an ever-changing healthcare system, independent providers are looking for stability. Research from the past five years shows that more and more independent physicians are joining ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations).

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) act as the mediator between independent providers and healthcare payors like private health plans, Medicare, and Medicaid. Since the signing of the Affordable Care Act in 2011, more than half of independent physicians have joined ACOs in the last ten years. ACOs have become popular because they simplify payment processes while giving independent physicians the stability and support they need. 


Combining the power of ACO's and Value Based Care

IntraCare’s value-based care model prioritizes the wellness of patients and providers in addition to the benefits provided by a traditional ACO. The value-based care model uses patient health outcomes as the primary earning factor rather than the number of visits to a practice. When combined with a value-based care approach, ACOs have the potential to increase provider efficiency and overall patient wellness. By compiling patient data and supporting healthcare providers, IntraCare frees up provider time and helps them transform how they run their practices. Providers can do what they entered the healthcare field to do: help people be healthier.

The Pursuit Of Provider Freedom

Many healthcare providers enter the healthcare industry knowing they want to help others. However, not all consider how they want to help others. Large hospital systems can provide security and stability, but they also limit the individual’s freedom. Providers who leave hospital systems often report to us they feel burned out and under-appreciated. Becoming an independent physician allows individuals to choose how they help their patients. Still, many independent providers are caught off-guard by the requirements and stresses of running a practice. They soon become buried in paperwork and overwhelmed by financial and operational stress.

Being an independent healthcare provider is a journey full of ups and downs. IntraCare helps physicians on their journeys because IntraCare cares about physicians as individuals. Whether growing one’s practice or making a big exit, IntraCare provides personal service to help providers reach their goals.
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