Hosts Robert Wilson and Kaizer Sayani interview the leadership of IntraCare, a company that wants to make an impact in the healthcare industry. Anwar Kazi, Intracare CEO, and Michelle Storto, IntraCare Chief Operating Officer, discuss where IntraCare has been, where it is going, and how they plan on taking it into the future of healthcare.

In The Next 5 Years, IntraCare Will Be…..

We see landing in five years with a very strong, independent-minded physician group. They can be partnered with us, they can be an affiliate, they can be whatever, but we believe a physician who is trained at the top of their license for decades, practices medicine with compassion… those independent physicians that we see everywhere are the real heroes. And we believe that the values that they bring, the compassion that they bring to the table is what we are going to propagate for the next five years. We are going to strengthen our relationship with them, their relationship with their patients, the providers and their practice’s relationships with the community and we are going to expand, hopefully, our philosophy throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

we are going to expand, hopefully, our philosophy throughout the state of Texas and beyond

The IntraCare Approach

When discussing how they want IntraCare to change the healthcare industry, Kazi and Storto explain their goal of value-based care. Kazi gives an example of how IntraCare qualifies the patient experience: “How are those patients being treated? Are they being treated for a 15-minute appointment and just billed for that visit? Or are they being treated as somebody who is a human being first and foremost, who will continue to have the problems that they have and get more problems? And how can we guide them through the huge conundrum of healthcare?”. Storto adds: “We have a lot to solve and that’s one of the big challenges is helping patients become their advocates. We need to make health care more of a consumer product, right?…So we need to start to say “What am I spending it on? Where do I want to spend it?”. I’m going to go spend it in the place where that doctor is invested in me. They have skin in the game. They’re going to lose money or make money depending on how this works out for me…So that’s one of the things we want to do at IntraCare is put the patients in the driver’s seat by giving them that information. Transparency is the first step, come ask questions. If it’s not clear, here’s how we’re doing. That’s our commitment to you.”

Innovation and Education

The social determinants of health are the non-medical factors in an individual’s life that might affect their health, such as their financial status, access to nutrition, level of education, etc. IntraCare consolidates the social determinants of health as data points, which are given to providers. By turning these factors into data and providing the data to health providers, IntraCare ensures the patients received value-based care from the physician. The physician takes the time to understand their patient, and in turn, helps the patient understand their health. To capture this data, IntraCare has been investing in technology since 2014. Rather than exclusively invest in his technology, Kazi has also invested in the technology of competitors. Kazi says that for the industry to improve as a whole, he can’t just be looking out for his interests. He hopes that by investing in many companies’ technology, the movement of value-based care will become a permanent part of healthcare.

IntraCare – Empowering Patients and Providers

When describing the target populations of IntraCare, Kazi and Storto focus on the underserved populations in Dallas. Kazi says, “Unfortunately, we live in one of the top most uninsured cities in the country… so what that means is there is a big, very big group, millions of adults that don’t have any coverage”. The most underserved populations in Dallas are the uninsured seniors and marginalized communities. In the last year, Intracare opened four clinics in the hot spots of Dallas to reach these communities.

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