Welcome To IntraCare

Welcome To IntraCare

The need to be healthy is one of the few things we all have in common. The system by which we administer and receive healthcare should reflect that unity. IntraCare helps connect patients, doctors, and medical programs to provide people-focused healthcare. Providers at IntraCare deliver quality care to the patients.

At IntraCare, we want to achieve sustainable impact and effective change for our patients. We invest research, time, and resources to understand the healthcare industry and create solutions to address the present problemsThe problems in healthcare were generated a long time ago, and new ones are created every day. To solve these issues, we address them with their origins in mind by making small changes at both the patient and provider levels.

We want patients to save money and want physicians rewarded for spending more time giving direct care to the patients. This creates a win/win for both the patient and the provider.

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We Are Care Architects

At IntraCare

More Than An ACO

Some people call us an ACO, but we call ourselves a family. Learn more about becoming part of the IntraCare Network and help your patients get the healthcare they deserve.

Value Based Care

IntraCare helps connect patients, doctors, and medical programs to provide people focused healthcare. Providers at IntraCare deliver quality care to the patients.

Health Centers

IntraCare removes the barriers between patients and providers while helping families gain access to quality and affordable healthcare.

The Future Of Healthcare

Join The IntraCare Network

Premier Care Community and Premier Patient Healthcare are joining forces to become IntraCare. We are enrolling select providers to join our ACO and become part of the IntraCare Network. Do not miss the opportunity to help change the face of healthcare forever.

Why Choose IntraCare


Stay updated with quality capture and reporting guidelines.

Account Management

Dedicated account managers bring a custom level of service and support to all of our ACO providers.

Care Coordination

Our care coordination and chronic condition management services provide a care team devoted to getting patients back to better health.

Claims Assistance

IntraCare provides help with claims, billing, and collections.


Celebrate your team success by being recognized and participating in our IntraCare Network events.


Remote or on-site training to assit you and your office staff.

Connect With IntraCare

Please connect with us if you are interested in learning more about how IntraCare can help your practice. One of our Provider Success Coordinators will reach out and find the best fit for your schedule.  We want patients to save money and reward physicians for being heroes and saving lives.  

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